Is Sclerotherapy the Right Choice for Your Spider Veins?

Is Sclerotherapy the Right Choice for Your Spider Veins?

Sclerotherapy - spider veins treatment in York & Lancaster

Is Sclerotherapy the Right Choice for Your Spider Veins?

Is Sclerotherapy the Right Choice for Your Spider Veins?

April 10, 2023

Advanced Vein & Laser Center is a renowned vein clinic in York & Lancaster that is ready to help you figure out whether Sclerotherapy is the best course of action to treat those spider veins.  

Spider veins can make an unwelcome appearance on your face or legs. At first, you have to squint to see them, they’re practically unnoticeable so you shrug them off. 

Weeks go by and you’ve barely thought about them when you catch a colorful spider with a network of legs staring back at you. You squeal! Was that an arachnoid or was that a sign? It’s definitely a sign, that it’s time to discuss your treatment options for Spider Veins. 

What are Spider Veins and What Causes Them?

Spider veins are a thin network of congested blood vessels that appear on the surface of the skin. These congested veins are caused by weakened or damaged valves that let blood pool in the veins, creating colorful veins called Spider Veins.

The vein is a one-way lane that flows in the direction of the heart. The valves keep the blood flowing in the right direction but sometimes, the circulatory system can get compromised and cause a valve to let blood flow backward. This is when it first appears in small iterations & then spider veins can grow into varicose veins.

What are the Symptoms of Spider Veins? 

Usually, spider veins are without symptoms but it can happen that some patients experience the following symptoms: 

  • Heavy legs 
  • Pain 
  • Skin Discoloration
  • Swelling 

Which Treatment Option is the Right One for Spider Veins? 

Sclerotherapy is one of the best treatments for spider veins. This FDA-Approved procedure involves injecting a special foam into the vein, forcing it to close. Once it closes, the blood that was stuck there reroutes itself to nearby, more healthy veins and continues its journey to the heart. 

The vein eventually dissipates and gets absorbed back into the body while your blood flow is restored and the appearance is reduced and with time, slowly disappears. 

It’s the right choice in treatment for you: 

  • when you’re experiencing any of the symptoms that can accompany spider veins. 
  • when you don’t feel comfortable or confident about how your spider veins look on your face or legs
  • when you want to address venous insufficiency early

Spider veins don’t have to wait, opt for Sclerotherapy today. Call Advance Vein & Laser Center to receive the foam solution treatment that helps you heal your spider veins. 

See One Of Our Experienced Vein Doctors in York or Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Don’t let Spider Veins make you feel uncomfortable. Our qualified and highly trained vein doctors can work with you to address them. 

Not only can they help you finally heal this condition, but they can also treat the vein issues that caused them in the first place. Visit one of our centers for an in-depth appointment and put your vein troubles to rest. Ready to book your appointment? Give us a call today.

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