The Different Stages of Varicose Veins: What You Need to Know

The Different Stages of Varicose Veins: What You Need to Know

Stages of varicose veins. Treat varicose veins in york & lancaster, PA

The Different Stages of Varicose Veins: What You Need to Know

The Different Stages of Varicose Veins: What You Need to Know

April 14, 2023

Varicose Veins start slow and steady, first in small delicate tentacles that are almost indiscernible, but if left to win the race, varicose veins can progress into vein disease. Advanced Vein & Laser Center will help you figure out the best course of action for varicose veins before they run over your life.  

Do those blue, bulging veins on your legs seem to be getting bulgier and bulgier every day? You might just be right. If you’re wondering where you are in the stages of varicose veins, then this is the blog to read.  

What are Varicose Veins and Why Do They Appear?

Varicose Veins are bulging, swollen veins that appear on the legs. Veins transport all blood back to the heart. Sometimes when the valve that stops the blood from flowing in the opposite direction is damaged, then that blood pools in the vein. Eventually, the blood creates a blockage. 

The blocked veins swell and plump up with more trapped blood, thus creating varicose veins. By the time varicose veins make a bulging appearance on the surface of your skin, the stage has come for you to discuss your treatment options. 

What are the Stages of Varicose Veins?

Now, let’s talk about the stages of Varicose Veins. 

First Stage – Spider Veins

Spider Veins are like a varicose vein early warning system. This is when you can see and observe a minor issue with your blood circulation. Blood needs to circulate to work and spider veins can be addressed early to avoid any disease progression. 

Call your doctor if you see spider veins. There are treatments available that will address spider veins. 

Second Stage – Ropey Veins (Varicose Veins)

The second stage of varicose arrives when the veins look more prominent. The spider veins have grown into a lumpy network of veins that look as painful as they feel. Other symptoms that may be experienced are heavy, tingling, numb, or restless legs. 

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s important to call Advanced Vein & Laser Center for vein consultation in York & Lancaster, PA. 

Third Stage – Edema

Edema is when the legs swell because of trapped fluid in the body’s tissues. Once this occurs, it’s a critical part of the varicose vein progression. 

The trapped fluid develops because the veins are being overloaded from the backflow of blood. This interferes with how the body re-absorbs fluid causing edema.

Treatment for this can involve leg elevation but a more sustainable solution can be accessed. At Advanced Vein & Laser Center, we dig deep into the source of the vein issue and address progressive venous disease.

Fourth Stage – Skin Discoloration

When the vein affects the skin, it’s safe to say that your leg is in dangerous territory. From the skin’s natural hue, it turns into a reddish or white color. The skin also feels thinner, gets injured easily, and takes too long to heal.  

When the wound takes longer to heal, it turns into an ulcer. Venous ulcers can be addressed through treatment and are caused by the condition of your venous valves. 

Left alone, this stage turns into a chronic condition that debilitates and affects your life. 

Seek Treatment From The Leading Vein Specialist in York & Lancaster, PA.

At every stage of varicose veins, it’s important to see a professional help you in healing varicose veins and achieving a life of normalcy and physical comfort.

Get rid of varicose veins with the help of highly trained vein doctors that can work with you to address them.  Not only can they help you finally heal this condition, but they can also treat the vein issues that caused them in the first place.

Visit one of our centers for an in-depth appointment and put your vein troubles to rest. Ready to book your appointment? Give us a call today.

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