Why Leg Pain May Be A Sign Of A Vein Condition?

Why Leg Pain May Be A Sign Of A Vein Condition?

Leg Pain Treatment in york & lancaster

Why Leg Pain May Be A Sign Of A Vein Condition?

Why Leg Pain May Be A Sign Of A Vein Condition?

May 15, 2023

Leg Pain is one of the symptoms of venous insufficiency and can be a sign of a more serious vein condition. It’s important to seek vein treatment & get your legs checked by a doctor as soon as you experience any pain or discomfort. 

The veins in the body play an integral role in keeping your circulatory system moving. Without them, blood would not reach the heart, and waste products such as carbon dioxide would stay in the body. When your vein health is compromised, the symptoms that follow can be uncomfortable. 

The last thing you should do is ignore these signs as symptoms can be early warning signals that require medical attention. In this blog post, we will discuss one of the most common symptoms & treatment options for venous disease: leg pain

What Is Venous Disease?

Venous Disease is a vascular condition that results when damaged veins begin to cause issues with blood flow. 

Veins work with arteries as part of the circulatory system. While arteries send oxygen-rich blood from the heart and to cells and organs in the body, veins send the used and deoxygenated blood back to the heart. And so the circulatory system flows.

Sometimes, the valves found in veins deteriorate or become fatigued. This is an issue because valves have a specific duty, and that is to ensure that the blood flows in the right direction: to the heart. However, when they weaken, they can let blood flow back and vein issues begin to develop. 

What Are Varicose Veins?

Veins are one-way roads and if the blood trickles in the opposite direction, then a pool starts to collect. Eventually, the vein begins to fatten and thicken with more blood that naturally keeps flowing. These fattened veins are called Varicose Veins.

Varicose veins are colorful and bulging networks of blocked veins. They can often appear just under the surface of the skin and are commonly found on the legs. The reason why many cases are found in the legs can be attributed to gravity. 

You spend your days on your feet or sitting in a chair with your legs firmly on the ground. The blood from the lower extremities has to travel north to the heart and the valves must work hard to keep the flow on the right path. The blood trickles backward when the valves weaken and fail to be the vein’s gatekeepers.

What Are The Symptoms of Varicose Veins? 

The symptoms are linked with compromised blood flow and they can become serious, especially when ignored. Symptoms include: 

  •  Leg pain 

This is one of the tell-tale signs that you may have a vein issue and is caused by the pressure inside the dilated veins. It can happen before the veins become apparent. This is why it’s important to call your doctor immediately to get ahead of the issues.

  • Bulging, colorful network of thickened veins

As the blood flows into the blocked vein, it becomes thicker and thicker. it eventually becomes so pronounced that it can be seen and even felt above the surface of the skin. They can be unsightly and purple or blue in color.

Blood circulation keeps the body working at its optimum ability. When it does not complete its circulation, it starves the organ or body part with much-needed sustenance. Without proper blood flow, the legs can start to feel the effects of bad circulation through swelling. 

  • Heaviness in the legs

When your varicose vein disease progresses it may compromise your vascular system leaving your legs feeling heavy, tired, and achy. This can also be accompanied by leg cramps. 

  • Skin discoloration

Normal blood flow would keep your complexion beaming with its natural glow. But instead, the affected area begins to discolor and this can progress into an unsightly mess of veins that appears on your skin.

When your varicose veins advance to a severe point, your legs begin to develop open sores called ulcers. The ulcer may hurt, itch, or burn but the most concerning part is that it is also prone to infection. 

When To Call Your Doctor? 

When your leg pain worsens and starts to affect your day-to-day life then it’s time to call Advanced Vein & Laser Center to learn how to get rid of leg pain immediately. The leading vein specialist in York and Lancaster, PA will examine your leg pain and determine the treatment necessary should they find your discomfort to be linked to a vein condition. 

Seek Treatment From The Leading Vein Specialists in York & Lancaster, PA.

At every stage of your vein issues, it’s important to see a professional to help you in healing vein diseases and achieving a life of normalcy and physical comfort.

Not only can they help you finally heal this condition, but they can also treat the vein issues that caused them in the first place. Visit one of our centers for an in-depth appointment and put your vein troubles to rest. Ready to book your appointment? Give us a call today.

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