The AVLC difference.

Our focus is clear.

We provide the best health care using the latest technological advancements in vein care. Our expertly-trained and caring team of health professionals understand your condition, concerns and hopes for restored health and wellness.

Walk In - Walk Out

AVLC has minimally invasive options to treat you in the comfort of one of our three facilities - with little or no pain.

We get results.

Our treatments are researched, tested and proven to be clinically superior and successful. Our team is skilled, trained and committed to learning new techniques, implementing new treatment strategies and products, and providing superior care to our patients.

AVLC - York

191 Leader Heights Road
York, PA 17402
Dr. Steven B. Heird
Vein Specialist

Dr. Heird
AVLC - Accredited
Intersocietal Accreditation Commission

Central PA's Only IAC Accrediated Vein Center!
The IAC grants accreditation only to those facilities that are found to be providing quality patient care in the treatment of varicose veins.

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At AVLC, we are committed to total vein care.

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Partners in Wellness
We believe in the holistic approach to good health by concentrating on whole person wellness, emphasizing the connection of mind, body and spirit. We are proudly associated with Bikram Yoga York and Theia Light Center to work with you, guiding you toward healthy living.