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Advanced Vein & Laser Center Testimonials

I had vein stripping many years ago. I then developed very large varicose veins on my thighs and legs. Dr. Winand at Advanced Vein and Laser Center was able to treat my veins with a much better procedure than vein stripping. I did not need general anesthesia and the cramps in my legs stopped the same day as the treatment. It was great! I would recommend Advanced Vein and Laser Center to anyone with varicose veins. This was much better than I was expecting.

Cindy G.

Lancaster, PA

What brought me to Dr. Winand was that I heard a lot of good things about him. What symptoms I was having were that I had pressure in my legs. they were feeling really heavy. When I talked to Dr. Winand, he said we can take care of that. I was able to come see him, consult with him first and he took care of it and I feel a lot better!

Glenn M.

Harrisburg, PA

AVLC put my initial fears of Sclerotherapy surgery at ease from the first time I met Dr. Heird. The surgery was quick and with almost no pain. The recovery period was much easier than expected as well.

J. Maul

York, PA

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